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Below is a summary of the clinically-proven benefits of the Altar.

Altar increases microcirculation and oxygen levels in the skin
Altar removes unmetabolized waste.
Because it stimulates regenerative processes, Altar can be especially beneficial after many other cosmetic procedures.

Patients that do not use Altar after their Vampire procedures are at risk for delayed healing and results that are less effective than they could be. Once you see it in action, you’ll be convinced that this is a product you need.

Dr. Taylor and his staff were absolutely incredible. I have had some neuropathy on my shin as a result from a past surgery (unrelated to Nova) and the injections I have gotten from Nova have helped tremendously. Thank you guys, my pain is subsiding and livable now.

Scott S.

Just went to see dr Taylor. I have two herniated discs in my back so I always nervous about seeing a chiropractor… he was very at tentative to my needs and was careful not to “over-adjust” my back. His facilities were clean and tidy and his staff were super friendly. 5 stars!


If you are having knee/joint pain, this facility is a must try. The staff and technicians are first class. The procedure is painless and quick. The results are amazing and a great alternative to joint surgery. This is a top shelf organization and I highly recommend it.